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MTG: Building a pre-release deck

Gavin Verhey over at Wizard’s the coast put together a great article on building a pre-release deck for Magic the Gathering. With the recent release of Battle for Zendikar last weekend, this information might come in handy for future pre-releases. From various pre-releases I’ve attended before usually when asking among other players I’d hear you

Magic: Battle for Zendikar Pre-release Sept. 26-27

Battle for Zendikar is the most exciting and anticipated Magic the Gathering set to come along in years. Among the features are the return of Eldrazi, Full-art lands, and a new level of rarity! Prior to the full release on October 2nd, we will be running pre-release tournaments over the weekend of September 26-27. Limited

From the Vault: Angels

Finally we can all play with wonderful angels that have come out since the start of magic the gathering. In From the Vault: Angels you’ll now have to chance to grab any angels you missed before in previous releases. I for sure am going to get a copy of this iconic set. Here are just


Prepare for the savage battle between Zendikar vs Eldrazi! Do you feel that rumbling? That slight shaking in the distance that’s growing in intensity every day as September draws near? Of course you don’t. It’s a metaphor. A metaphor for the bomb that is Battle for Zendikar and the immense Eldrazi bearing down on all