Gavin Verhey over at Wizard’s the coast put together a great article on building a pre-release deck for Magic the Gathering. With the recent release of Battle for Zendikar last weekend, this information might come in handy for future pre-releases.

From various pre-releases I’ve attended before usually when asking among other players I’d hear you want a land count about 17 cards, but the rest was sometimes confusing. Gavin’s article breaks it down into an easy follow formula.

His suggestion for having a good mana curve is to use the following:

  • One mana: 0–2 creatures.
  • Two mana: 4–6 creatures.
  • Three mana: 3–5 creatures.
  • Four mana: 4 creatures.
  • Five mana: 3 creatures.
  • Six+ mana: 1–2 creatures.


After this you can add all the spells, fast effects and enchantments you want. This should bring you about 22-23 cards, then fill the rest with land (17-23).

If you want to read the full article head over here to read it. Be sure to catch our Friday Night Magic and other events going on at our store, you can find these in our Events section.